Sunset Sherbet strain seeds
Sunset Sherbet strain
Sunset Sherbet strain seeds

Sunset Sherbet - 10 regular seeds

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Sunset Sherbet is a tasty, colorful hybrid that starts off with a powerful body kick, followed by a zing of mental stimulation. This cross between Pink Panties and Girl Scout Cookies shows off some remarkable green and purple flowers covered in a thick coat of trichomes. Sunset Sherbet smells like berries and citrus with a little bit of skunk lurking underneath. The predominantly indica high creeps up slowly, eventually sinking smokers with a droopy feeling of total relaxation. A thoughtful, dreamy mindset kicks in a little bit later on, making this a great strain for working on creative projects or just watching TV. This is the perfect strain for kicking back on a warm summer evening. If you’re busting it out in social situations, make sure you bring enough to share. 

GENETICS: Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties
STRAIN TYPE: Mostly Indica Hybrid
HEIGHT: Medium-Tall
YIELD: Good/Great